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Early Bird Deals Ends In:

$10 a month; use any kayak or paddle board for Up to 30 days!
This may sound crazy! 
But YES it's true. 

(We will close this once the maximum number of members has been reached)

Here is what your $10/m subscription comes with 

Equipment You Get: 

  • Kayaks  (included: paddles, lifejacket, whistle)
  • ​Paddle Boards (included: paddle, lifejacket, whistle)
  • Skies  (included: bindings, boots)
  • Snowboards  (included: binding, boots)
  • ​Camping Tents
  • Miscellaneous equipment such as (cooler, sleeping pad, cooking pans, etc.)
  • ​Backpacking Gear 


  • August: Subscription starts (Kayaks and paddle boards only) 
  • September: Camping/backpacking gear is added 
  • November: Skies/Snowboarding gear is added 
  • December and further: We will continue adding more equipment for you.

Everything Is Included!

You can use any of the equipment for up to 30 days every month..

Just pick up and drop off equipment when you're done.
PICK UP LOCATION: Tacoma (address for members only)

No more buying expensive equipment just to use them a few time a year or worrying about storing them!
The only rule is you can't launch from Allan Yorke Park, it is only for pick up and drop off. However you qualify for 50% off any rental anytime even in July. 

Email: Waterrentals@yahoo.com
Phone: 1 (866) 803-2436

- Early Birds can lock in deal at just $10/m. 
- Prices go up August

- No Contract 
- Cancel anytime before August for free 
- You will not be charged for the month of August
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
Secure payments through paypal...
P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $10/m, you're getting a kayak, paddle board, skies, snowboards, camping tents, sleeping bags, backpacking gear and much more! And you'll never have to worry about storage
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